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Purple Shampo: Could this be the hair rescue you’ve been waiting for?
11/1/2019 11:00:00 AM

Purple Shampoo

Ever fall in love with your salon-blonde shade only to become pretty bummed when brassy yellow tones creep in to run your fun a few weeks later? Well, there is actually a shampoo that!

Purple shampoo looks a little scary but can actually be a life-extender for many different hair colors. Here are a few purple shampoo facts. 

Who should use it?

For anyone who has blonde hair, whether natural or from a salon, purple shampoo is a real game-changer. For those who dye their hair blonde, stylists usually use a toner to give strands a good mix of warm and cool tones without looking too yellow or orange. For platinum blondes, it is even more important to keep those brassy tones out, as they can cause hair to look dull or even dirty. As toner fades, those unwanted, yellowish shades become more noticeable, but using purple shampoo at home can keep color looking fresher for longer. 

Even natural blondes can sometimes suffer from a bad case of brassiness. Sun, hard water, and ultra-hot hair tools can all cause blonde hair to have yellowish or even reddish undertones. Purple shampoo can help banish those unwanted tones for all towheads, be they salon-purchased or blonde from birth. 

But purple shampoo is not only for blondes. Anyone who lightens their hair, whether they add subtle highlights to brunette hair or do a full bleach job before adding a wild color like turquoise want to keep those brassy tones from creeping in and dulling all your hard (and expensive) work to get the perfect salon shade. 

Why purple?

Remember high school art class? Yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel. So adding purple neutralizes yellowish tones in hair. Purple shampoo includes a tiny bit of temporary dye formulated to stay on the surface of the hair in order to work against brassiness without stripping hair of other color. And while purple shampoo looks ultra bright, don’t worry. It does not contain "dye,” of the strength hairstylists use. Your hair will simply look brighter instead of lilac. 

Does it have to come from the salon?

While there are many high-end varieties of purple shampoo, it does not have to cost a fortune. There are many options for purple shampoo available in beauty supply stores, and even more on Amazon, where reviews can help you find the best products. However, if it is really important to keep your blond vivid for a while, talk to your stylist about which products are right for you. Some stylists mix up custom shampoos and conditioners right in the salon for your specific hair color and type. 

Wait it out

If you’re used to scrubbing in some shampoo and simply rinsing it right out, switching to purple shampoo might take some getting used to. Warmer shades of blonde and brunettes should let the shampoo sit for about five minutes before rinsing, while cooler blonde should probably let their shampoo rest for as long as 15 minutes. Also, folks with thicker hair should probably let their shampoo sit for longer than those with baby fine strands. 

Not sure if you should start using purple shampoo? It never hurts to ask your stylist. 

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