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Scrunchies Are Back! Here’s How to Style Them
2/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Scrunchies Are Back

The last twenty or so years have been rough ones for scrunchies, those fabric-covered hair ties that were the must-have accessory of the 1980s and early ’90s. They caught a lot of pop culture ridicule in the mid-1990s and early aughts for being a dated throwback. In fact, there was an entire plotline on the TV series Sex and the City devoted to how a "real” New Yorker would never be caught dead in a scrunchie. 

But now, scrunchies have made a full comeback and are the hottest accessory of 2020. And that’s good news because they’re also gentler on hair than elastics which can pull and break hair. 

Once the province of teens, people of all ages and genders are now wearing scrunchies. In fact, Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, wore a velvet scrunchie that matched his tux on the 2019 Oscars red carpet. Here are a few ways to incorporate scrunchies into an everyday look or possibly a red carpet ensemble. 

Pick a sophisticated material 

During their first round of popularity, most scrunchies were bright-colored cotton affairs. This time around, they have gotten far more sophisticated. Look for scrunchies in jewel tones and fabrics like silk or velvet, which actually look incredibly put together even for dressier looks. Velvet is also one of 2020’s hottest trends, so take a cue from Momoa and pair a velvet blazer with a matching scrunchie for a coordinated look. For the more daring, leopard print or even leather scrunchies make fun, attention getting accessories for an otherwise simple look, like a plain tee shirt, jeans, and a solid-color jacket. 

Don’t hide it

If you’re buying scrunchies in eye-catching colors and chic materials, you might as well try out a hairstyle that really shows it off. Pulling hair up into a high, neat bun held in place by a scrunchie, making sure to smooth flyaways with a bit of pomade is an easy hairstyle that looks like it took a lot more effort than it really did. 

And the high ponytails that have been in style for the past few years also look much more current with the addition of a scrunchie. Here’s a bit of ponytail advice—all those long, cascading ponytails that are all over the red carpet, runways, and magazine spreads right now? They’re actually two ponytails. To get your own flowing ponytail without having to resort to clip-on extensions, gather half of your hair (more or less) into a high pony and secure it with a scrunchie. Then, take the rest of the hair and make a second ponytail with the elastic hidden beneath the first ponytail. Viola! Longer locks instantly. 

Scrunchies aren’t only hair accessories. With such a wide variety of colors and materials, many people simply wear scrunchies around their wrists. You never know when they might come in handy! 

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