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Spa Solutions for Your Winter Skin Woes
1/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
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After the excitement of the holidays comes the absolute doldrums of winter. All the cheer has worn off and we’re left with cold weather and itchy, sometimes even cracking skin. That’s why January is the perfect month to treat yourself to a spa day! Here are some of the most common winter skin problems along with some easy, refreshing spa fixes.  

Problem: Itchy skin

Solution: Body scrub

Being cooped up in buildings blasting artificial heat during the winter makes many of us feel as if we’re jumping out of our skin. Itchy arms and legs during the colder months make you want to take off those mittens and scratch, but doing so could damage skin already raw from lack of moisture. Instead, why not book a body scrub at the spa?

A body scrub combines a relaxing massage with an exfoliator, such as sugar, sea salt, coffee, or rice, to safely slough away all that irritatingly dry winter skin on the arms, legs, and back. Afterward, your spa technician will massage moisturizer into all the exfoliated areas, so you’ll leave with skin that feels brand-new.

Problem: Cracked, cold hands and feet

Solution: Paraffin dip

Venturing outside from the office door to your parked car can be enough to make hands and feet feel numb. Additionally, a lack of moisture in the air can cause the sensitive skin on hands to crack and crease, no matter how much hand lotion you slather on. If you’re one of those people whose hands and feet are always cold or if your hands start looking a bit shriveled in the winter, a paraffin dip could be the perfect solution.

Paraffin is just a fancy word for warm (not scalding) melted mineral wax. Dipping hands and feet into warm wax in chilly wintertime feels lovely, and wax is a natural emollient, which softens the skin. After leaving the wax to harden, your spa technician will gently peel it away, along with that pesky, dry winter skin. 

Problem: Flaky lips

Solution: Exfoliation and a lip mask 

One of the worst parts of chapped winter lips (besides the pain, of course) is that nagging, peeling skin that most of us are dying to pull but know we shouldn’t. But try as we might, many simply cannot resist the urge to pick a little, often leaving lips a bit bloodied in the process. 

Rather than torture yourself with the cycle of pain, picking, and more pain, ask your spa technician what services they offer for dry lips. As an add-on to treatments like facials and massages, many spas offer lip scrubs and even lip masks. A lip scrub follows the same steps as a body scrub, wherein lips are lightly massaged with coarse sugar or coffee to gently remove all the dead skin and then a light lip moisturizer is applied to heal cracked lips. A lip mask takes it one step further and lets lips rest under a hydrating mask that will plump and soften parched winter pouts. Your pucker will be good as new in no time!

If you have other seasonal skin woes, let your spa receptionist know while you’re booking your appointment. Most spas are happy to customize a visit tailored specifically to your skin’s needs. 

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