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Splurge or Save? Getting Glam Without Breaking the Bank
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
Spluge or Save

Most of our makeup bags are haunted by the trends of seasons past: products we tried once or twice and ultimately decided just weren’t for us. And many of those products came with a price tag that, in hindsight, may have been a waste of money. While there are a few spring trends that are worth the cash, this year also presents some great options for saving. Here’s where to splurge on the biggest spring beauty trends and a few tips to save. 

Splurge: Colored Mascara

Blue is back in a major way this spring. And while blue eye shadow is one way to pull off the look, blue mascara is actually much more interesting. And whether you’re using a bit of blue mascara to accentuate your eye shadow or using the mascara on its own for a subtle pop of color, mascara is never really a product to skimp on. Cheaper formulas often flake and smudge, which can lead to accidentally looking like you’ve got a nasty bruise. Plus, paying a bit more for mascara usually means getting a high quality brush that keeps lashes defined and separated. 

Save: Stick ‘em Up

Eye stickers and gems are a cute way to add a playful bit of bling to any makeup look, from a special occasion to a night on the town. And while high-end cosmetics brands sell specialized eye stickers and gems for a pretty penny,  you can have all the pretty for less by applying regular false eyelash glue to any craft store gem and glue it into the inner or outer corners of the eye or even along the lash line for a fancy finish to a night out look. 

Splurge: All That Glitters

After years of matte makeup dominating the makeup world, glitter has finally made a huge comeback. But all glitter eye shadows and lipsticks are not created equal. If you’re looking for quality color that stays true to the way it looks in the package, paying a bit more for a higher quality glitter product means your shimmer is more likely to shine—and to stay put. As for lipsticks, glitter formulas that are pretty cheap are also generally pretty gritty, not a great feeling if you’re planning on wearing it all day or night – or if you want to kiss someone!

Save: Neon Eyes  

Another eye-popping trend for spring is neon eye makeup. The best eyeliners this season are the colors of a vintage Las Vegas sign—bright green, yellow, orange, and blue. But for most of us, eyeliners last forever, especially when these bright colors aren’t exactly the kind normally worn to the office. Instead of buying a bundle of expensive new eyeliners, buy one white eyeliner and an angled, fine-tipped eyeliner brush. Apply the white eyeliner, then wet the eyeliner brush and cover it in less-expensive, neon-hued eye shadow. Apply the damp eye shadow over the white eyeliner and finish with a setting spray. All the bold look, for less! 

Of course, the value of any beauty product comes from whether or not it makes you feel like a million bucks. Got a splurge you love? Don’t apologize! Found an amazing product that is a steal? Shout it to the world! 

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