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Spring Forward - 2018 Easter Fashions
3/5/2018 12:44:21 PM
Easter Style

Dressing up for Easter services, egg hunts, and family gatherings is a time-honored Southern tradition. And after a winter full of dark colors and soggy weather, it’s also one of the best times to break out new fashions in colors bright enough to rival the Easter eggs. Luckily this year’s best trends seem to be made for Easter Sunday.

Candy colors

In 2018, pastels are back in a big way. Many of the season’s best dresses feature romantic details like ruffles and flowy materials, but the best part is: the colors are straight out of the candy shop. Two of the most ubiquitous colors this year are soft lilac and sky-blue. Also trending are pale greens and yellows. If you’re longing to wear white, add some of these colors by way of shoes or handbags for a fashion-forward Easter look.  

Tangerine dream

If pastels aren’t your thing, make a statement in bright orange. Some of the most stunning looks on the spring runway were shades of tangerine and even scarlet. These bold looks will be sure to set you apart from the crowd.
Stunning sleeves

2017 was all about the bell sleeve, which gradually widens from the elbow to the wrist. And while bell sleeves are still a great look for Easter dresses and separates, balloon sleeves are also a fun new trend for spring. Balloon sleeves are wide at the elbow and forearm, but cinch in again at the wrist, giving them an elegant, old-school look. If you’re hoping for a more conservative outfit for Easter services, having fun with sheer sleeves can be a great way to cover up without sacrificing style. 

Playful Pastels

Who says men have to spend Easter in stuffy colors? Pastels are big for both genders this year. Pastels look best against white, so if you’re planning on wearing a white button-down for Easter, why not pair it with a pale blue or yellow tie? Pastels can also look great together, so if you’re a little more into fashion, layer that yellow tie over a pale blue button-down for a look that’s perfectly festive for the holiday. One word of caution: pastels don’t usually look great with black, so it might be best to invest in a lighter gray suit or khaki pants. 

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, so get the season started by lightening up your Easter look.
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