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Style Choices That Could Be Aging You
7/14/2015 11:30:54 AM


Everyone should have the right to dress him or herself in a way that feels comfortable, but sometimes, our everyday style choices age us in ways we might not notice. There’s nothing wrong with aging, and there’s nothing wrong with looking your age. However, there are a few common fashion missteps that could actually be moving the clock forward, rather than showcasing timeless style.

Too Much Black

Black is quick fix for many fashion problems: it looks cooler and more expensive than lighter colors and it goes with everything. The problem is, as most people age, their skin gets paler. Putting black too close to the face can bring out dark under eye circles and little wrinkles in the neck and face. No need to banish black from the closet though, just remember to brighten up with lighter accessories around the face, like a bright scarf or some bold statement jewelry.

Skipping the Tailor

It seems to make sense that loose clothes will hide body parts we’re not too happy with. Oddly enough, the opposite is true. Baggy tops and roomy, overlong pants can actually make you look wider and smaller, like a "little old lady,” lost in a sea of clothes. According to top fashion blog, StyleCaster, there’s, "no need to prance around in skin-tight numbers andstilettos but a well-fitting dress with a nipped waist and aflatteringhemline, a blazer that skims your body, or pair of well-fitting jeans will show your figure in a way that’sstylishwithout being overt.”

Overplucking Eyebrows

Don’t go haywire with the tweezers. Pencil thin brows can give the face a harsh appearance and bring out lines around the eyes. It’s best to pluck sparingly and let eyebrows keep their natural shape. So if you’ve overplucked, grow them out and fill in sparse areas with a matching pencil. You’ll be surprised at how much younger you instantly look!

Dressing Too Young

Most people like trying out new trends, and fashion is certainly not reserved for the young, but clothes designed with teenagers in mind are often not flattering on a fully-grown woman. There’s no need to resign yourself to twinsets and sensible walking shoes just because you’ve reached a certain age, but it is important to try trends in a way that’s flattering. For example, rather than reaching for that skin-tight, sequined mini-dress, try a plunging neckline with sequined accents and a longer hem. You’re not going to trick anyone into believing you’re twenty if you’re not twenty, and worse still, according to StyleCaster, "You could run the risk of looking dated or like you’re trying too hard to be young, whichautomaticallytranslatesto, well, not young.”

Relying on the Same Old Staples

Basic tees and a go-to pair of jeans are a must in every woman’s wardrobe, but make sure you’re updating those pieces as you go. The sweater that was super stylish during the Clinton years might be cozy, but it’s also broadcasting the fact that you haven’t updated your wardrobe since Hilary was First Lady. Also, over time, even well-made clothes lose their shape. Things that fit perfectly five years ago might be sagging or pulling now, which ages you along with the outfit.

So try these tips to keep from aging yourself, but remember, personal style and feeling confident in your clothes look great at any age!

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