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Summer 2017 Welcomes Back the One Piece
5/5/2017 1:48:50 PM

For years, bathing suit options were limited to tiny bikinis or matronly one-pieces, but this year, designers are finally offering up some more exciting options for all body types. The year’s best one-piece swimsuits are cute, yet practical, says Catina Coats, owner of Catina Couture in Lake Charles. 

"One-piece bathing suits used to be stereotyped as frumpy,” Coats says "But that’s not the case anymore. These new suits look straight off the NYC Fashion Week stage, but you can run and swim in them without worrying about a mishap.” 

Selecting a swimsuit is all about wearing what makes you feel confident, according to Coats. "You look your best when you feel comfortable, and you can be more covered up while still being trendy and fun. Leaving a little to the imagination is cool.” Read on for a roundup of the year’s best styles.


Ruching is a sewing term for two or more rows of gathered material, and some of the year’s cutest swimsuits are ruched at the waist and hips, which creates a slimming effect. 

"A ruched one-piece does a great job at camouflaging your torso,” Coats says. A ruched suit in a solid color is a trusty standby that also makes a big splash. 

Sheer Cutouts

Whether it’s a peekaboo keyhole at the waist or a sheer side panel, some of this year’s  most daring suits come with a few pieces missing. However, if you’re worried about flashing too much (or getting some weird tan lines), many suits have sheer panels covering the cutouts to add just enough sex appeal without going over the top.  

High Cut

After all those years of belly-bearing bikinis, it’s time to give those gams a chance to stand out. Some of the summer’s most stunning looks feature more modestly cut necklines but high cut bottoms, giving the illusion of longer legs. Since most of us don’t lounge by the pool in high heels, the extra oomph of a high-cut leg can give us a little boost even in bare feet. 

One Shoulder 

Let’s be real, those bandeau bikinis and strapless suits were cute on the hanger, but they were always one big wave away from turning a fun beach day into an R-rated afternoon. The one shoulder swimsuit offers all the flirty fun of a strapless suit but none of the danger. Some of the year’s bolder designs combine the one-shoulder look with the cutout trend for a look that’s basically a bikini, but better. 

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