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Summer Braids
6/29/2012 5:02:45 PM
Braids are a timeless, flawless and brilliant fallback every spring and summer. But, Kaya Ogea with Parvati Salon in Sulphur says "for summer 2012 the trend has been given an extra "oomph” with so many different and new ways to wear the style.” Say hello to high fashion via these popular style methods.

The Waterfall

For this style part and fix your hair like you normally would, then begin the braid on one side of your part. French braid as usually until the braid gets past the ear. At this point only braid in half of the bottom section of the braid, letting the other half of that section fall back down.

The Headband

No headband? No problem. Use your own hair to give yourself that boho-chic vibe. For this look make two parts, one on each side of your head near your ear, and section off two small sections to braid. Take the right side of the hair and braid lifting up around the head. Repeat this step on the left side. Once finished, lift both braids and wrap around your head, positioning towards the front. Next, secure both braids along the bottom of your head with a bobby pin.

The Side

This braid works best with longer hair and long layers. If you do not have layers, once the braid is in place pull on one or two strands at the end of it and gently push the entire braid up with your other hand. For this look pull all of your hair to one side and do a simple braid. The key to this look is the pieces slipping down in front to give it a chunky, disheveled appearance.

To achieve these looks, Ogea says "dry hair is always easier to braid than wet because wet hair tends to just fold over instead of falling snug into place.” But she adds that applying some type of product to wet hair will help with the grip. Ogea gives a friendly reminder that braids take patience and practice, so don't give up and happy braiding!

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