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Summer Hair Flair
7/8/2014 12:25:37 PM

Summer Hair

Beachy waves, shoulder-length bobs, two-tone hair and fishtail braids are just some of the summer hairstyles turning heads this season, according to Westlake hairdresser Brandi Byrd.

Byrd said many women are asking for the shoulder-length bob with a beachy wave.

"It's classic and so easy,” Byrd said.

The best way to attain the beachy waves look – loose waves; not curly like a perm – is to use a large-barreled curling iron. Once you're done curling, separate the waves with your fingers and spray with hairspray. "Do not brush,” Byrd said.

Overall, wavy hair is taking the place of the overly—straightened hair that has been popular the past few years.

"Women are getting away from straightening, which is good. It is not good for your hair,” she said.

If you do straighten your hair with a flat iron, Byrd said to not straighten it when it is wet or damp.

"If it sizzles when you straighten it, then stop!” she said.

Also, make sure to use a smoothing cream or argan oil beforehand.

Fishtail braids and waterfall braids are all the rage this summer. And Byrd said they're not as hard to master as they look.

"There are many videos on the Internet that give you step-by-step instructions on how to do them,” she said. "Check them out and you will be braiding in no time.”

Another popular style this summer is the messy bun. It's a look that easy to achieve, Byrd said.

"Take a short sock and cut out the toe. Roll up the sock so that it is donut shaped, and slip it over the ponytail. Pull it to the base of the ponytail so that all of the hair is inside. Once all the hair is gathered inside the sock, pull it as close to the ends as you can. Tuck the hair around the side and into the center of the bun. Hold the ends of your hair at the center of the sock and roll the fabric down towards the ponytail's base. Your hair will gather in a ring around the sock. Make sure you gather the hair around the sock to completely cover it with your hair.

"It makes a great ballerina bun and the sock holds the hair better than anything out there,” she said.

To give it a messy appearance, don't slick it down smooth on the sides and in the back.

"This makes it more casual,” she said.

As for hair color, ombre — or darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends, is the easiest trend around.

"If you go the to mall, you will see one out of seven women or girls there with ombre hair,” Byrd said. "It's everywhere!”

You can get this done at a salon, Byrd said, or you can do it yourself.

Many older women are opting for pixie cuts.

"The cut is longer on the top and more texturized, which makes it easier to style,” she said. "It’s a great cut for both older and younger women, especially during the heat of the summer.”

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