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Summer Wedding Attire
5/30/2018 3:53:34 PM
Wedding Attire

As the weather heats up and skies turn clear, save-the-dates and wedding invitations often start arriving in the mail en masse. And while sunny summer weddings are truly happy days devoted to the celebration of love, wearing the correct wedding attire can be tricky as temperatures shoot toward the triple digits. Here are a few dos and don’ts for choosing the perfect wedding outfit. 

Do: Check the invitation for hints on how to dress.

Usually, wedding invitations will give guests some clues as to how formal the event will be. "Black Tie” means men should wear tuxedos and women can choose formal, floor length gowns or dressy cocktail attire (think short and shimmery). "Black Tie Optional” or "Formal” indicates that men should wear suits and ties -- light colors for day weddings or dark suits for night. Dressy separates or formal cocktail dresses work best for women. An invitation marked "Dressy Casual” may seem like a contradiction of terms, but it generally means that men should wear ties and slacks, while women can wear more casual cocktail attire or church-appropriate skirts and tops. "Casual,” unfortunately, doesn’t mean flip-flops and tee shirts. Casual wedding outfits generally mean summer dresses for women and slacks and button downs, sans ties, for men. 

Don’t: Ignore attire suggestions because you don’t like them.

If a wedding invitation is marked "Black Tie,” it means you’re going to have to rent a tux or invest in an evening gown if you want to attend. Simply trying to dress up inappropriate articles of clothing you already own probably isn’t going to cut it, and not only is it disrespectful to the bride and groom to ignore their dress guidelines, it’ll probably feel pretty uncomfortable to be the only one dressed up or down for an event. 

Do: Take the wedding venue into consideration. 

If the wedding takes place on a beach, or even on a boat, you may want to trade heels for flats, no matter how much better your outfit looks with stilettos. Weddings are generally meant to be fun affairs, and wearing an outfit that’s going to make you feel too hot, too cold, or awkward on the dance floor is going to keep you from celebrating the happy couple.  

Do: Try to look neat and tidy.

Between buying the gift, traveling for the ceremony, and arranging rides to and from the wedding venue, celebrating loved ones’ nuptials can be pretty costly. However, dry cleaning is not the place to skimp in order to save money. Make sure all your clothes are clean and neatly pressed for the event, even if you have traveled across the country to attend the wedding. 

Don’t: Try to one-up the wedding party.

At this point, we should all know not to wear white to a wedding. This rule exists to let the bride shine on her special day, but the rule really extends to the entire wedding party. If the invite says "Black Tie Optional” and you show up in a top hat and tails or red-carpet ready couture, chances are, your outfit will steal attention away from the wedding party, whose look has been painstakingly coordinated by a couple who just wants their day--and their pictures--to be perfect. 

Do: Ask what to wear. 

Occasionally, invitations leave off the dress code entirely, which can be incredibly stressful. If you can’t figure out what to wear based on the location and time of day, it’s perfectly acceptable to call up the couple or their close relatives and ask what would be most appropriate to wear. Better safe than sorry! 
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