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Summertime Shine
7/3/2018 3:25:44 PM
Summer Shine

For the past few years, matte makeup has been one of the biggest trends in beauty. Matte makeup doesn’t reflect light and sometimes provides fuller coverage, so while it’s plenty dramatic, it can look pretty. But this summer, it’s time to shine. Bold shimmery colors are back on the shelves just in time to create mermaid-inspired summer looks.

However, many makeup lovers think shimmer is just for teenage girls. And while it’s true that some shimmery products have a nasty habit of settling into creases around eyes and lips, a bit of shimmer can also reflect light and take years off your look.  

Shimmery eye makeup can still look super professional, according to Kacie Moss, makeup artist for Signatures Salon in Lake Charles. "Shimmer eye shadows are always fun, especially in the summer,” Moss says. "Bronze and gold neutrals are always my go-to, especially to add a little pop under your bottom lash line instead of a harsh liner.”

Shimmer shadow does have a tendency to settle into fine lines, making them appear deeper. To avoid this, define your crease with a matte shade and then use gold or bronze shimmer in the center of the lid and at the inner corner of the eye for a shine that doesn’t settle.  

Bold, matte lips in brownish or purple hues are still a huge beauty trend, and won’t be going away anytime soon, but this year is also seeing a revival of nude, glossy lips. To update your makeup bag without throwing out your mainstays, invest in an iridescent gloss to transform your matte favorites. And if you’re worried about gloss bleeding into fine lines around your mouth, just dab a bit gloss at the center of the top and bottom lips, avoiding the corners, which creates the illusion of a fuller pout. 

Highlighter has been a mainstay of the Instagram beauty scene for years, but now it’s becoming mainstream and more widely available at drug stores. Moss recommends NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder, which comes in a variety of colors and only costs about $8. To use highlighter, dust a thin layer at the top of the cheekbone after applying blush for a dewy glow. 

Foundation is pretty costly, so replacing it just to keep up with the shimmer makeup trend probably isn’t an option for most of us. Luckily, according to Moss, shimmery primer and moisturizer in combination with matte foundation makes for a glowy look that works for just about everyone. 

"If you want to lighten up your matte foundation a little for summer, I would recommend Intelligent Nutrients Revitalizing Moisture Crèam and Becca First Light Priming Filter to add radiance and smoothness,” Moss says. "Some people even like to mix their foundation with their moisturizer or primer to lighten up their foundation and use less product.”

Summer is the season for letting loose and having fun. When the temperatures drop, we can all go back to our serious matte makeup, but for now, shine on!  
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