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Suprising! Makeup Tricks to Solve Common Under-Eye Problems
10/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Under Eye

Great looking eye makeup isn’t just about achieving the perfect cat-eye liner or experimenting with fun, flattering colors. A bright, rested-looking under-eye area is essential to showing off all the hard work we often put in to get eye makeup just right. Using the correct concealer, along with a couple of surprising under-eye makeup application techniques, could make all the difference in your eye makeup routine.  

Migrating makeup 

Sometimes, that under-eye concealer that looked so great in the bathroom mirror at home seems to disappear by the time you’re a few hours in to a big night out. If you have a problem keeping your concealer in place, try baking. "Baking” concealer means using translucent powder in conjunction with the heat from your face to keep you luminous for longer. To try baking, apply a thick layer of concealer under eyes and blend with a damp sponge. Then use a wedge sponge to apply a very thick layer of translucent setting powder over the concealer. Let the powder set or "bake” for about ten minutes (you can do your eye makeup while the powder bakes). Finally, dust away the loose translucent powder and finish with a light layer of powder foundation. The result is a bright under-eye area and a look that lasts. 

Dark circles

Whether you stayed up too late or simply have naturally darker under-eye skin, yellow should be your new favorite color. Since yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel, those purple or bluish shadows under your eyes are best banished with a sunny shade of concealer because colors are best neutralized by their opposites. Use your yellow concealer under foundation and powder and your skin will instantly look more luminous. 

Creasing concealer 

The skin around eyes is incredibly delicate and prone to creasing at any age. Concealer is great for making skin look brighter and evening out tone, but unfortunately it also often works its way into fine lines, making them appear deeper. If you have a problem with creasing concealer, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’ve prepped your under-eye area with a lightweight eye cream. Let the cream soak in completely before applying your concealer and eye makeup to avoid smearing. Also, make sure to set your concealer with a little bit of translucent powder. Even if you decide baking is not right for you, applying just a light sweep of translucent setting powder can keep concealer from settling into lines. Finally, make sure you are using a very lightweight under-eye concealer specifically formulated to avoid creasing.  

The skin beneath our eyes is ever-changing – looking darker or creasing in response to changes in sleep, hydration, and even changes in the weather. Don’t be afraid to try different products and solutions at different times of the year (or even the week) as needed for new challenges.  

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