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The Experts’ Guide to Spring’s Most In-Demand Hair Colors
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Spring Hair

Springtime is all about freshening up: new plants sprouting, bright green grass on the ground, and maybe even a few spring showers to wash everything clean. But the idea of brightening up doesn’t only apply to the great outdoors; spring is also an excellent time to consider freshening up your look, starting with your hair color. Here are some of the most requested spring colors from a few area hair stylists. 

Iced Out

Going blonde is already a pretty big step, but this spring, blonde is going one step further with platinum, almost white, blondes becoming some of the most requested colors for spring, according to Aryca Bussell, master stylist at Bauhaus Salon in Lake Charles. "I have been getting a lot of requests lately for icy blonde hair,” Bussell says. "Icy blonde is actually a very mild and bright tone.” The style works on a lot of different skin types and ages as well, whether it’s all over for a dramatic blonde makeover or just a few subtle highlights.”

Red Hot

And if blonde isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for a spicy new hair color, consider red. This spring, every shade from light, bright strawberry blonde to deep, sultry hues the color of a red velvet cupcake will be all the rage. Ask your stylist which red might best suit your skin tone, chances are, they’ll have a rainbow of options. "We will still be seeing plenty of rooted blondes and honey or dirty blonde balayage, but apricot, ginger and strawberry blonde highlights are making their way back into popularity which makes me very happy,” says Kelly Nicholson, master stylist at Bauhaus. 

Pretty Pastels

If you’ve been into rainbow hair—bright blues, pinks, and even greens—for the past few years and are longing for a change, look to the colors in your Easter basket. Softer, pastel hues will be the rainbow options of choice for those in the know this spring, says Tori Shumaker, senior stylist at Bauhaus. "Colors are becoming softer. I’m seeing more pastels this year than bold and bright colors.”

And for an even more original look, consider fading a bolder root into lighter ends, Bussell says. "I’m seeing not so much one solid, bold color but a bright vibrant root faded into pastel ends. My favorites are the bright blues and the deep magentas.”But the most stylish hair color for spring, of course, is whatever hair color feels most comfortable for you! 

For more information or to make an appointment, call Bauhaus Salon at 337-474-4000.

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