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The Hottest Fall Looks are Totally Retro
9/1/2017 12:42:35 PM
Retro Fashion

Fans of retro fashion will have plenty to celebrate this fall, since the coolest trends this year revolve around vintage-inspired styles. And while last year seemed to be about bringing back the 1990s, fall fashion is taking the blast from the past a step further and focusing on 70s styles.

Bells are Back!

If you’re over skinny-legged jeans and clingy cropped tops, you’re in luck this fall because "bell” is the hottest buzzword in fashion right now. High-waisted pants featuring wide or flared legs showed up on every runway from Diane von Furstenberg to Chanel for Fall 2017. Meanwhile, sleeves are loosening up as well, according to Taylor Brown, owner of Retro West boutique in Lake Charles. She is incredibly excited about this season’s collection of 70s-inspired sweaters. 

"Bell sleeve sweaters are great because they have that perfect timeless fall look, but with just enough flare to stay on trend,” Brown says.

The sky’s the limit for pretty platforms. 

Heels this season are a little bit sturdier – and higher – than those of seasons past. Floral-print platforms appeared in collections from Marc Jacobs and Nine West. One of the hottest trends right now are knee-high platform boots in jacquard prints that might be right at home on the family sofa. However, paired with skirts in fall foliage colors, these boots standout as incredibly sophisticated statement pieces.

Plaid is rad.

Previous years have seen grunge-inspired, oversized plaid button-downs make a comeback, but this year’s plaids are a little more preppy. The prints are bigger and brighter than in past years, and jackets are tailored through the shoulders and waists, rather than the boxier styles popular last fall.

Keep warm in funky fur.

One of Brown’s favorite fall trends is the re-emergence of retro-style fur. "I’m really excited about the vintage inspired fur cardigans, jackets, and coats that are making a comeback,” she says. "I may be a little partial, but this is definitely one of my favorite looks of all time. Fur may be a little out there for some, but a great fur piece will forever be a classic statement that looks great on everyone at every age, no matter what year it is.”

This fall’s best fur comes in the form of fur (or faux fur) collars on longer coats or even jean jackets with shearling sleeves and collars that give a warm, cozy feeling to classic denim. 

Cowgirls are cool.

Another fun trend Brown has noticed is the return of the classic silk scarf -- this time with a western twist! "I’m seeing a big interest in what we like to call ‘Wild Rags.’ They are a western-inspired trend and are basically a large silk handkerchief that you wear around your neck, very similar to a scarf, but a little dressier and not as overpowering. A classy subtle accessory you can add to almost any outfit.” 

If you’re not quite ready to go full Urban Cowboy or Saturday Night Fever for this year’s fall wardrobe, adding a few trendy pieces, like a bell-sleeved sweater or floral-print handbag, to your favorite outfits is a fun way to experiment with fall looks without going completely over the top. However, if you’ve been mourning the loss of the leisure suit, this fall might just be your time to shine. 
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