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The Long and Short of Selecting the Perfect Shorts
7/8/2013 2:44:38 PM

There are many different styles of shorts to select from, but it seems selecting the correct length is particularly daunting. The handy guide below will help make sense of the different options on store clothing racks.

Mid-Length Shorts

This length is perfect for the woman who is tired of capris. With an inseam of about seven to eight inches, this is a style almost anyone can pull off. Mid-length shorts are often referred to as waking shorts, golf shorts, classic length or weekenders. This particular length actually elongates the legs unlike like knee-length varieties that actually cut the leg in half. In addition to making the legs look longer, they also are more forgiving, helping to slim problem areas like the upper thighs and hips. Look for a flat front with a slimmer cut that isn’t tight.

Knee-Length Shorts

This length is a great option for disguising a myriad of flaws, especially in older women. For those who are self-conscious about cellulite, spider veins, or a lack of muscle tone in the thighs, this length is the route to take.

Knee-length shorts can make short legs appear even shorter, but this can be balanced by pairing them with cute wedges. Shop for a slim cut in order to achieve a thinner, longer profile. Steer away from styles that are over-relaxed or have pleated styles as they add the illusion of weight whether it’s there or not.

Short Shorts

It goes without saying that this style is certainly not for everyone or every body type. If you’re under 20 and have a low body fat count, it’s simple to pull this look off. Short shorts lengthen short legs and give longer legs a willowy look. The inseam on short shorts is typically five inches or less.

There are a couple of different styles of short shorts to choose from. Hemmed versions present a more tailored look while cutoffs are more casual and should be saved for a day at the beach. Roll-up shorts fall somewhere in between cutoff and hemmed versions, but can make the legs look stocky if there’s too much fabric in the roll.

Bermuda Shorts

This version of shorts has been around for a long time for a good reason. For curvier women, the almost-knee length shorts are great at covering a multitude of flaws. They can also be dressed up for a dinner date or even work and make the perfect casual wear for a weekend shopping trip, running errands or a tropical vacation. Pair them with wedges or mules to create longer looking legs.

Just like with any other clothing purchase, you can camouflage your imperfections by making smart selections. Check out these handy tips for selecting shorts to fit your body.

· Hide the tummy by choosing shorts with low pockets. This will help take the emphasis off the stomach. Also, select a style that fits just below the natural waist to provide extra tummy control.

· Minimize curvier hips by selecting shorts with diagonal pockets, a slim fit and cuffs to help create a sense of balance.

· Compensate for a boyish shape by picking a more relaxed cut with modest pleats to make up for a lack of curves in the hip and rear sections.

· Disguise fuller thighs with a slim cut and pinstripe pattern that will help elongate and slim the thighs. Steer clear of cuffed styles.

Finally, a word of caution on wearing shorts to work. Even in a relaxed setting, shorts at work can make it seem like you are ready for the beach rather than a meeting. To do it right, select a pair made of a dressy silk crepe or sturdy stretch cotton. Also, look for a pair with a plain, full cut—like trousers—that hit just above the knee and think of them like you would a skirt. Pair them with a blouse, blazer and bold jewelry.

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