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Tie One On: Bow Ties are Back
7/8/2013 2:44:38 PM

"Popular television shows like Glee and Doctor Who have certainly helped the bow tie’s cause,” says Joseph Walls, co-owner of Clothing Concierges. "Aside from the pop culture influence, the bow tie is a classic accessory for men that we are happy to see coming back into style.”

Typically, a bow tie is an accessory necessitated only by an invitation to a formal event, but a new breed of this neck fashion is allowing it to enter into the world of every day clothing.

"Most often the bow tie is worn as a piece of a tuxedo or dressy suit,” Walls adds. "However, many big name designers have developed a new crop of bow ties that can be worn with a cotton suit, a cardigan or an oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up. These come in a range of different materials and patterns. This is adding to their popularity.”

Before you rush out to stock up on bow ties, Walls offers these tips for wearing it fashionably:

It’s all material. After taking a closer look, you’ll notice that most of today’s bow ties are not silk. They are made of a variety of different fabrics. Flannel, seersucker, madras and wool are all being used.

When going formal, keep it simple. If you’re donning a tuxedo, a black, silk bow tie is still your best bet. It’s classic and ties the dressy look of the tux together nicely.

It’s okay to go pre-tied. If the prospect of actually having to tie a bow tie has you running scared, fear not. A pre-tied option is perfectly acceptable as look as it is made of quality fabric and well put together.

Dress it down. The quickest and easiest way to dress down a bow tie is to lose the suit jacket. Throw on a leather jacket instead or go jacketless with rolled sleeves.

For more information on the latest in men’s fashion trends, call Clothing Concierges at (337) 474-3800 or visit them on Facebook at

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