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Tips for Beating the Heat with Your Maternity Wardrobe
8/3/2017 12:09:44 PM

Between the triple-digit temps and the soaring humidity, late summer and early fall in Louisiana are brutal for anyone, but combine the sweltering weather with pregnancy hormones and a few extra baby pounds, and summer becomes extra challenging for those with a baby on the way. Since holing up in the house isn’t usually an option, here are a few tips for beating the heat in stylish, yet comfortable maternity wear.

Search your closet
For moms-to-be who are still in the early stages of their pregnancies, the secret to stylish summer maternity wear might already be hanging in their closet. "Really the only challenge I have found is finding clothes to fit the in-between stage when you aren’t yet really showing, but have put on a little weight,” says Camie Sanford Smith, a Lake Charles mom with two boys and a newborn girl. 

For fashions to fit that challenging in-between time without breaking the bank, look through your wardrobe for empire waist dresses in stretchy fabrics. Maxi-dresses are in this summer, so last summer’s beach cover-up could be this summer’s elegant maternity dress, especially when styled with updated accessories, like a chucky beaded necklace in bold colors.  

Go with the flow
If you’re at the point in your pregnancy where you’re looking to buy some new pieces, Sanford Smith advises skipping the pants. "Dresses!!” she says. "The most comfortable and cool thing to wear to beat the summer heat is a sundress.”

Luckily, 2017 is the summer marked by the triumphant return of the fashion caftan. Look for long, flowy dresses in neutral colors and then go wild with colored flat sandals or even a cool pair of sneakers, like Adidas Stan Smiths or a pair of old-school Converse Chuck Taylors. 

Don’t limit yourself
Many moms limit themselves solely to maternity stores or racks when they’re pregnant, which is a huge mistake, according to Sanford Smith. "It’s not hard to find maternity clothes if you don’t limit yourself to just ‘maternity clothes,’” she says. Sanford Smith has found non-maternity dresses that were a perfect fit in fast fashion stores like Mango. Even the straight-size racks at stores like Old Navy and the Gap are great for wardrobe staples like breezy, loose-fitting tee shirts. However, make sure tees and tanks are several inches longer than you would normally buy. It’s no fun constantly pulling fabric down over a baby bump.  

Skip the denim 
In the fall and winter, investing in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans is a good idea, but in the summer, with temperatures soaring, being wrapped in denim from the waist down is stifling. Instead, look for shorts or capris with elastic waists or drawstrings. If there’s ever a time to turn yoga pants into street wear, it’s pregnancy. 

There’s no right or wrong way to dress a pregnant body. If you feel like keeping it loose in lightweight dresses, you should. And if you’d rather show off the hard work your body’s doing in bump-bearing clothing, do it! "When I’m pregnant I like to accentuate my bump,” Sanford Smith says. "I think it’s such beautiful miracle!”
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