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What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside and Freezing in Your Office
8/18/2015 10:42:37 AM


What To Wear When It’s Hot Outside and Freezing in Your Office

Fashion designer Michael Kors recently Tweeted that "A white blazer in summer is everything.” If you’re wondering how Kors could possibly be suggesting you wrap yourself in fabric during the dog days of summer, you must not work in an office. In the summer, many business places crank up the air conditioning in the name of "comfort,” leaving employees sweating on the front steps and shivering at their desks.

So what to do? Well, you could reach for that crumpled cardigan that’s been hanging on the back of your chair since McCain/Palin was the talk of the office, or you could shake up your look while keeping yourself warm.

This year has actually been banner for lightweight, stylish jackets perfect for a chilly office. Here are a few choices to keep you looking sharp and comfy.


The denim jacket may seem like a leftover from the early aughts, but trust us, this season has seen a renaissance of lightweight, stylish denim. Last spring’s runways featured structured dark denim blazers as well as light denim, kimono-style jackets. Get the latter for meeting Mondays and the former for causal Fridays and you’re all set.


Speaking of kimonos, they were one of the hottest trends on the runway last spring, according to Vogue. A pretty floral or sheer kimono can dress up work basics in a way that adds a little fun to the office. Bonus: wrapping up in a cozy kimono can make you feel like you snuck your Snuggie into work.

Floral Blazers

If you like a more structured look, try one of this season’s many different floral blazers. Pick one with a white background and a vivid flower print, then pair it with jeans and a tee shirt for a causal look, or a skirt that compliments the print for business wear fabulous. And if you’re feeling really funky, many designers have even made matching floral blazers and skirt sets for summer.

Long Cardigan

The cardigan can be hard habit to kick. If you must, why not try one of the longer cardigans that have been popping up on shelves this year? A boyfriend cut cardigan that goes down to the tops of the thighs can add a really preppy-cute vibe to your office wear, while a cocoon cardigan that drapes almost like an open poncho will make you look artsy and sophisticated.

So stop shivering at your computer! You can stay office-ready and stylish; plus, you can pair any of these looks with light sweaters or button downs in the fall for a put-together seasonal transition.

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