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Wherever You Go, There’s an Outfit for That
3/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Outfit for That

We spend an awful lot of time wondering what to wear to formal events, like work parties and weddings, but really, those events only happen a few times a year at most. Much of our social life revolves around  less formal occasions—brunches with friends and taking the family to local festivals. However, we can still find ourselves staring at our closet, wondering what to wear. Check out these ideas for everyday spring style. 

Crawfish Boils 

Crawfish boils get messy, and you’ll most likely leave feeling full. A pair of dark color track pants (with an elastic waist) and a fun vintage band tee, also in a dark color, paired with sunglasses looks just trendy enough to feel fun but still provides enough comfort to eat your fill. 


The warmer months mean the entire state starts celebrating. Whether you’re attending Lafayette’s Festival International, Shreveport’s Mudbug Madness, the Pirate Festival in Downtown Lake Charles, or any number of amazing outdoor music events that happen during the warmer months, you’re going to want to look cool, while, most importantly, staying cool. Go for a big, floppy hat and large sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays. Opt for a solid color tank top and a loose-fitting kimono-style, lightweight cotton jacket. Paired with shorts and boots or even jeans and sandals, this is a classic, cool girl outdoor celebration look.  

Farmers Markets

A farmers market isn’t just a place to get a giant bag of tomatoes. It can also be a fun place for a first date or to grab something unique to eat with friends. A farmers market is also a place to show off some seriously fun athleisurewear. Opt for high waisted leggings (with pockets!) and a solid color tee shirt, finish with a pair of comfy, yet clean lounging sneakers. If it’s chilly, a denim jacket makes the look even more stylish. 

A Bottomless Champagne Brunch 

A four-hour brunch with a big group of friends is one of life’s unsung pleasures—especially when the mimosas are unlimited. But brunch is also a bit of an urban ritual, and getting a bit dressed up is part of the fun. Showing off the season’s most stylish sundresses, off-the-shoulder tops, ’70s-style bell sleeves, or even maxi jumpsuits, are a great option for keeping it stylish yet comfy for an all day pancake and bubbly party. If dresses aren’t your thing, look for wide-legged, flowing pants in drapping fabrics and soft colors, as well as spring-weight, off the shoulder sweaters. 

With casual events where there’s no dress code, feeling great in what you’re wearing is the most important outfit choice of all. If you feel like you look good, chances are you do! 

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