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Wipe Out Wrinkles Before They Start
8/3/2017 12:05:43 PM

Laugh lines or crow’s feet -- regardless of what you call them, wrinkles are not something most people look forward to seeing on their face. In fact, Americans spend billions of dollars each year on cosmetic treatments to eliminate these obvious signs of aging. 

But age is not the only contributing factor. You probably have more control over when and where you’ll get wrinkles than you might think. There are some very common everyday habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas of the face. 

"Your age, genetics, environmental elements and how well you protect and care for your skin obviously play key roles in how your skin ages,” says facial cosmetic specialist Mark Crawford, MD with the Aesthetic Center in The Eye Clinic. "But there are some common habits that most definitely contribute to the formation of wrinkles in the key areas around the mouth and eyes. Many of these habits are things you do without even considering the possible effect on your skin.” 

  • Sleeping position. Studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach can lead to extra forehead wrinkles while sleeping on your side can contribute to wrinkles in your cheeks. Sleeping on your back is the best choice for reducing wrinkles. 
  • Smoking. The serious health risks from smoking are well-known, but if an appeal to your vanity is the reason you need to quit, here it is: Research has shown that smoking can increase the number and depth of wrinkles. Smoking causes your body to release an enzyme that destroys collagen and elastin, the two most important components of healthy, smooth skin. In addition, the clinching of the lips required to hold a cigarette leads to vertical lines around the lips and puckering in the chin. 
  • Drinking from a straw. The act of sipping is very similar to that required for holding a cigarette in the mouth and can lead to the same types of wrinkles if you drink from a straw frequently. Skip the straw and drink directly from the glass, cup or bottle whenever you can. 
  • Squinting. Squinting in the sunlight or at the fine print can lead to wrinkles. Always wear sunglasses when it is bright outside; not only will they shield the skin around your eyes from the sun, but they will help you keep from squinting. You should also always wear glasses if you need them and make sure your prescription is up to date to avoid squinting.
  • Contact lenses. It’s not the contacts that actually contribute to wrinkle formation, but the way most people put them in by pulling on the corners of their eyes.  If you wear contacts, ask your eye doctor to demonstrate the proper way to insert the lenses to minimize the stress on the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Eyeliner. Wearing eyeliner won’t cause wrinkles, but how you apply it could. Pulling the eyelids out straight can stretch the skin and cause wrinkles. A better solution is to pull the skin gently at the temple, which is less likely to harm your skin. 
  • Rubbing your face with a towel. Rubbing vigorously with a towel to dry off your face stresses out the skin unnecessarily. Pat dry, blot, dab – but don’t rub and stretch. Be particularly gentle with the area under the eyes, which is the thinnest and most sensitive. 

Dr. Crawford says breaking the bad habits described here really will make a difference in where and when your first wrinkles appear. "Of course, aging is inevitable for everyone, but most people don’t want to see wrinkles any earlier than they have to. And fortunately, when wrinkles do surface, we have more options than ever – from physician-grade products to cosmetic injections to surgery – to smooth them away.”

For more information about cosmetic treatment options, call the Aesthetic Center at (337) 310-1070 or visit
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