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Your Guide to Growing Out Short Summer Hair
9/1/2017 12:49:19 PM

A shorter hairstyle is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat while staying fashion-forward. However, growing out a sassy summer style can be a drag. If you’re hoping for longer locks this fall, here are a few ways to keep hair looking stylish during that notoriously frustrating transition period.

Twist it!

One of the most annoying parts about growing out a shorter haircut is those shaggy pieces that fall over the forehead. They’re too long to look like bangs and too short to look like layers, which leads to an awkward bell shape. To keep them out of the way, part hair on the side and twist sections loosely away from the face. Secure with a bobby pin. Or, if twists aren’t your style, wrap small sections of hair in spirals around the barrel of a curling iron. Finger-comb the ringlets away from the face and spray in place with hairspray. 

Keep it trimmed

Getting a haircut while attempting to grow out a short style can seem counterproductive, but a tiny trim can mean the difference between an unkempt ‘do and a stylish look. Around the two to four-month mark of growing out a short style, have a hairstylist trim the back layers so that hair sweeps forward towards the chin, which will make it look longer.  

Sharpen the edges

If you’ve made it to the chin length-mark, consider a sharp, stylish bob. Blunt ends at a stylish angle towards the chin will give hair shape, and cutting bangs will add even more definition and style.

Invest in accessories 

When growing out a short hairstyle, there are days when hair just won’t seem to behave itself despite your best efforts to tame it. Bobby pins are great for holding back stray hairs, and headbands are even better. A well-tied scarf can also hide awkward-length hair, not to mention add some flair to your fall wardrobe. 

Craving a cut? Try color instead

Every stage of transitioning from short to shoulder-length hair comes with its own frustrations, and it can be tempting to cut it all off again just to avoid the hassle. One easy way to keep your style fresh without chopping it all off is to experiment with hair color. Whether you’ve been dying to rock the rainbow trend or just brighten up with a few highlights, a new color can work wonders for a hairstyle. 

When it comes to growing out a short cut, patience is the ultimate virtue. But that’s not to say your hair has to look awful during its growth period. Growing out hair is the perfect time to experiment with new accessories, fun hair colors, and even new shapes, from sharp, angled bobs to wavy layers. Trying out new looks is the perfect way to pass the time until you’ve got the long locks you were growing for. 
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