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Your Step-By-Step Guide for Cleaning Makeup Brushes
7/1/2020 1:00:00 PM
Cleaning Brushes

Just a few years ago, most of us were still applying makeup with triangle sponges and the tiny applicators that came along with a three-color eye shadow palette. But as the beauty industry has boomed, offering more products than ever before, many have adopted makeup brushes as the superior way to evenly apply and blend all cosmetics, from foundation to eye shadow. However, even though we’re shilling out major bucks for better brushes, washing and maintaining them isn’t always a high priority. But it should be.

Washing makeup brushes not only extends the life of the brush, it also does wonders for the face. Brushes can trap oil and bacteria, which can lead to breakouts if they’re not washed regularly. Even if skin seems to be fine, makeup often looks muddled and brownish when applied with dirty brushes. Follow these tips to get your makeup brushes sparkling clean. 

How often should you wash?

If you’re using your makeup brushes every day, most experts recommend cleaning them once every seven to ten days. However, if you only wear makeup occasionally, you’re probably good washing them after every third or fourth use. 

When you’re not using them, it’s important to store makeup brushes in a drawer or airtight container, because just sitting out, exposed, can lead to a buildup of germs on brushes. 


Start with a gentle cleanser 

There are special soaps and sprays designed specifically to clean makeup brushes available at most drug and beauty supply stores. However, you don’t necessarily need a soap dedicated purely to makeup brushes. A gentle shampoo, unscented, mild soap, or even facial cleanser can effectively clean the gunk off your brushes. 

To start, wet the brush completely in the faucet, then dab no more than a pea-sized amount of cleanser onto the brush. Gently rub the bristles around on the palm to get all the pigment out and rinse until water runs clear. 

Remember to dry

It can be pretty annoying to spend time washing makeup brushes only to find they’re still wet the next time you want to use them. And wet makeup brushes make for streaky, uneven application of cosmetics. Leaving brushes to dry in the sun generally works fairly quickly, and in a pinch, blasting them with the blow-dryer can be a useful time saver. 

Some newer tools make the process a bit less time-consuming. Washing makeup brushes isn’t fun, which is why most of us put it off. But some beauty supply stores, like Sephora, sell special wet wipes made with makeup brushes in mind. While these products don’t take the place of a good soap-and-water scrubbing, wiping down brushes every day can extend the time between washes by a week or so.

Washing makeup brushes is absolutely a time-consuming chore, but nothing beats the fresh look of purely pigmented cosmetics applied with a pristine brush! 

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