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You’re Blushing – How to Wear Pink and Still Look Like an Adult
1/31/2018 10:00:39 PM
Wearing Pink

In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, which means bouquets, boxes of candy, and a lot of pressure to dress up for a dinner date in a way that’s romantic without seeming silly. Pink often gets a bad rap as a color reserved only for little girls, but it’s actually a great shade for looking festive on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ways women can look sexy and stylish in pink. 

It’s all in the accessories 
There’s no reason pink has to be the main focus of a Valentine’s Day outfit. Pink is a versatile color for accessories and can add a bit of fun to an otherwise basic look. Try adding a skinny, hot pink belt to a solid-color work dress or carry a cute millennial pink bag to dress up a day-to-evening look. A pair of pink tassel earrings can make just about any outfit party ready.

Toughen up
There’s nothing more daring and fun, fashion-wise, than to mix and match different styles. Pink is traditionally seen as a "girly” color, so it’s unexpected, yet effortlessly cool-looking to pair pink with edgy, menswear-inspired pieces. A romantic pink dress with a hardware-heavy leather jacket looks like the best of both worlds, contrasting soft and hard. 

Mix and match
Pink doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. In fact, wearing an all-pink ensemble can start to look a little too much like a princess-themed birthday party. But a pink blazer paired with a black turtleneck or a flirty pink skirt with a neutral beige sweater are great ways to make wardrobe staples feel special and give them a new infusion of style in the process.

Blush ain’t bashful 
One of the hottest shades of pink in the fashion world right now is barely even pink. Blush, which is a muted shade that’s almost a neutral, is all over the runways and department store racks. It’s incredibly versatile and looks great on nearly every skin tone, so it’s the perfect pink for people who don’t think they can pull off pink. Try a blush coat over a simple black dress or even a pair of blush heels to lighten up an otherwise dark look.

Though pink sometimes gets a bad rap, it’s a fun color with plenty of interesting and versatile shades. A pink look for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean bubblegum or wild neon (though it can, if that’s what makes you feel good). If February is your favorite month, brighten it up by going all in for feel-good color!
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