One Last Thing
A Website is Born
2/5/2013 4:45:07 PM

This new website has been under construction for a very long time. We could have built a two-story house with a three-car garage, a pool and a cabana in the time it’s taken us to get this new site completed. Seriously -- we're not joking.

Why? Because it was something we wanted to do, not something we were doing for someone else. Like most people, we put ourselves far down on our list of priorities.

About three months ago we reached a new level of disappointment with our own ability to get this thing completed, and firmly decided we were going to get serious and have the site finished by the end of the year. Then we got busy and it didn't happen. Again.We re-re-re-renewed our resolve in January.Then we got really, really busy, and, you guessed it -- it was set aside once more.

But wait, we're a magazine. We love words. And this website gives us the chance to put our words out there for the masses. When knew we had to push through, and we renewed our resolve.

Now it’s February. A month not traditionally linked to goal-setting and resolutions, but one more associated with Valentine hearts and Mardi Gras celebrations. Not for us. Here at Thrive, February will now be the month we fondly remember as the time we finally made our own project a priority. It’s the month where forgotten resolutions can finally see success. In keeping with the spirit of the month, we did show ourselves some love by completing the site, and we would have celebrated and laissez les bon temps rouler* – if only we had the time.

*common Mardi Gras Cajun French term here in Southwest Louisiana that means "let the good times roll." 
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